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James W. Wade III

James W. Wade III has been surrounded with music all of his life. Raised by parents who both played the piano and organ, James acquired a love of music that flowed innately in his blood. Good traditional Gospel music is categorically James’ first love and song selections like “Near the Cross” and “Pass me Not” are dear to him and have helped sustain him through the years.

Becoming a DJ with a radio station was James’ initial career aspiration, but quickly changed to wanting to learn business management for the music/radio industry. Blessed with the opportunity to intern, learn and be mentored by the late Mr. Thomas Boddie, one of Cleveland, Ohio’s great audio/recording legends, they together developed one of Cleveland’s best in-house , self-contained and self-sufficient church audio booth’s in Temple Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. It is there that James learned and ran the mixing board, helped with live recordings, as well as broadcasting various church services in the Cleveland area.

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James pursued additional learning opportunities by taking classes at Beachwood Studios to attain more knowledge and skills to do mixing and producing. He quickly set out to share his knowledge and began working with some of Cleveland’s local church/gospel music artists such as: The William's Sisters, Marilyn D. Williams, Deborah Wallace Baker, Lucretia Bolden, Humbly Submitted, Connie Pickard, Sabrena Whitley and John Engram. James also collaborated on the recording project with John Engram.

Although heavily involved with the church/gospel music industry, James engaged in managing a group of childhood friends he grew up with who called themselves, Moment’s Notice, but due to a name conflict, their name was changed to Hubb’s Groove.

In addition, James became the sound technician for Sonny Jones, who handled the Dazz Band and later opened a Gospel Club called “Your Alternative” where Mark Ribbins, now with 107.3 The Wave, and James would sit in the booth almost every weekend and share ideas about their love of Gospel Music. Through this endeavor, James was able to work with the great musician and music executive Jerry Thomas who, at the time, was working with gospel music legends Thomas Whitfield, Edwin Hawkins and many others.

The established friendship with Jerry Thomas led to the introduction of several national recording artists. Jerry, who was always willing to support others and groom their talent, helped James elevate to an even higher plateau in the gospel music industry. “I was blown away in the 80’s when Jerry allowed me to work with him preparing a large Gospel Music Seminar he produced at the Cleveland Civic Center featuring the one and only Edwin Hawkins. I could not believe I was around this recording icon,” said James.

The Gospel Music Seminar project with Jerry Thomas led James to endeavor in his own ventures and he began managing National Recording Gospel Music Artist, the late great Reverend James Moore whom James traveled with across the United States. “This was my foot in the door, and I still remember it like it was yesterday” said James.

Another opportunity prevailed and James also managed National Recording Artist, Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale, who had established themselves as Canada’s premier gospel group. Their name speaks volumes about a journey which has been characterized by struggle, longevity, and untold blessings; what is considered the stuff of unshakable faith. Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale was Canada’s first gospel group to sign an international contract and is amplified by the long list of awards and achievements they amassed in over a decade of groundbreaking work. This group has graced both the big screen and small screen, appearing in the blockbuster film, The Blues Brothers 2000 and HBO’s Light to the Power of Two.

James Wade III with Don King

So now James W. Wade III was crossing international lines and staying very busy working with the artists for whom he was booking engagements. James had the pleasure of working with Rainbow Bookstore in Maple Heights, Ohio when they celebrated the grand opening of their new store that open in the Southgate U.S.A. location. He was instrumental in helping Rainbow bring Kirk Franklin, another well known Gospel Music National Recording Artist to downtown Cleveland for a concert.

Over the last ten years, James has enjoyed working with The M. C. Chatman Center for Humanitarian Services Annual Multi Music Fest, legendary boxing promoter, Don King and many others. Recently, James began working with Recording Artist Andre Cavor and The Cavor Project, two groups that will be blazing the trails in the music industry.

James W. Wade III brings 40 years of knowledge to the music industry, including sound tech, management, booking, and event planning. James is also very creative and skilled in the areas of photography, video and graphic design.


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